Allocations Calculator

This calculator has been created to provide assistance to customers in the Golden State service area that would like a preliminary estimate on what their assigned allocation might be, in a Stage 1 drought scenario, if they became a Casitas customer. All of Casitas' allocations are subject to reductions during drought conditions. The numbers provided by this calculator are not intended to be an actual assignment of allocation and are only based on the numbers inputted. These numbers are not intended to be binding and Casitas reserves the right to update its allocation methodology. A water allocation is not a water right.

Essential allocation is for indoor usage. Each dwelling is assigned 10 units a month. This is a generous indoor usage that is intended to provide enough indoor water usage for both small and large families.

Non-essential allocation is for outdoor water usage. It changes throughout the year based on average seasonal weather changes. This assignment increases with larger landscaped properties.


Casitas' Assigned Allocation Formula for residential customers - for Stage 3 drought, which includes a 10% reduction on non-essential water allocation.

*Please provide all units in square feet

Lot Size
First floor of home
Driveway and hardsurfaces
Square-feet of irrigated landscape