Russ Baggerly, Director

        Division 5



  • Elected to Casitas Board 2004
  • Division 5 includes City of Ojai, east end of Ojai, parts of Meiners Oaks and upper Ojai
  • Lived in Ventura County since 1974
  • Moved to the Ojai Valley in 1976
  • Born 1944, Married 1967
  • U.S. Army, Vietnam Veteran 1967 – 1968
  • University of Sevilla
  • Past President Environmental Coalition
  • Ojai Valley Municipal Advisory Council
  • Ojai Valley Sanitary District Director
  • Special Districts Institute Graduate
  • Executive Board California Sanitation Risk Management Authority
  • Flamenco Guitarist
  • Fly Fisherman

Division 5 Map (Includes City of Ojai and upper Ojai Valley)



 More Detailed Street Map of District


Casitas MWD Map with Major Highlights and Boundaries

Casitas MWD District Map