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Bowfishing for Carp is Open at Lake Casitas!

Everyone had fun at the 2015 Carp Rodeo but the fish were too smart this year and managed to evade capture so there was no grand prize winner. Scott Stanford was the winner in both 2013 and 2014. Hopefully, participants will have better luck in 2017. Carp are classified as an exotic species that can have devastating effects on the spawning sites of other fish. Adult carp have almost no predators and are difficult to catch by standard fishing methods.

Program Parameters: The Bowfishing for Carp Program is subject to change. Bowfishing, which is allowed for carp only, no other species, is authorized by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.  It requires a valid fishing permit from DFG and all DFG regulations apply. Additionally, all Lake Casitas Recreation Area ordinances and regulations must be followed.

Program rules are outlined in the LCRA Bowfishing Only for Carp Permit Application and Agreement which includes a liability release and an acknowledged understanding of the parameters of the program.  With a signed Application and Agreement, each person can then be issued a Daily Permit containing a carp fishing boundary map.

A Daily Permit will be issued only after 8 a.m. and after confirmation by Park Staff that a completed, signed Application and Agreement is on file. Once issued, the daily bright orange permit is required to be visible at all times.