CFD Ojai Status


Golden State Water Customers interested in getting an estimate of what their Casitas' water allocation is likely to be during a Stage 1 Drought scenario get input their property information in the following calculator: Allocation Calculator

The following documents are related to Casitas' process regarding a Resolution of Formation of a Community Facilities.

Please see Table 1, on page 5, in the Rate and Method of Apportionment link below to determine an estimate in property tax assessments.


Eminent Domain filing - Ventura County Superior Court Case No. 56-2016-00481628-CU-EI-VTA, assigned to Judge Vincent O'Neill

Golden State Water - Petition to Review Supreme Court denied

Golden State Reply to Answer to Petition Review Supreme Court

Rehearing Petition denied

Petition for Rehearing

Appellate Court Ruling

Amicus Curiae - 1

Amicus Curiae - 2

Amicus Brief

Appellant's Reply Brief

Appellant's Reply Appendix

Respondents Brief (Ojai Flow)

Respondents Brief (Casitas)

Golden State Opening Brief

Appeal Notice

PowerPoint Presentation on CFD formation from January 29, Board Meeting

Video for January 29, 2013 Public Hearing

Rate and Method of Apportionment

List of Authorized Facilities

Proposed Boundary Map

Public Hearing Agenda

Public Hearing Agenda Packet

Video for March 13, 2013 Public Hearing

Frequently Asked Questions

August 27 Special Election Results

August 27, 2013 Notice of Election Information

Resolution No. 13-12

Resolution No. 13-13

Resolution No. 13-16