Casitas Update: Diversions have started.

Casitas Update: Diversions have started.

The criteria for allowing Casitas MWD to divert have been met and diversions have started.A little after 1:00 pm today (Wednesday, March 21, 2018), Casitas MWD began diversions from the Ventura River. At about 1:45 pm diversions reached about 300 cubic feet per second, think of 13.5 full mattresses or 4.5 standard refrigerators moving by every second. It usually takes about 6 inches of rain before Casitas is able to divert. As a result of the intensity of recent rainfall and changes in the watershed from the Thomas Fire, water flows in the Ventura River have reached levels at the Robles Diversion Facility for us to begin diversions from the river to the canal that leads to Lake Casitas. With larger rainfall predicted this evening, it is anticipated that diversions will continue and possibly increase to our maximum diversion capacity of 500 cubic feet per second. Lake Casitas also receives water directly from small creeks in the watershed that are adding water to the lake. So far today, Lake Casitas has gone from 34.6% to 34.8%. Depending on the total rainfall in the next 24 hours, lake volume could increase by a few percentage points to possibly going above 40% full.

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