The Lake Casitas Watershed

A significant amount of water drains into the lake from the watershed, or travels over land before entering the rivers or canal that lead to the lake. Because of this Casitas takes steps to preserve watershed areas. The Ventura River Watershed Boundary encompasses miles of land stretching from the Santa Barbara/ Ventura County line throughout the Las Padres National Forest to the district boundary in Upper Ojai and south to and through the city of Ventura to Mills Road. The Project Watershed is the area directly around the lake. The Teague Watershed encompasses 3,500 acres of land-most of it adjacent to the recreation area. There is a total of approximately 228 square miles of watershed area throughout the district. In order to more closely supervise the quality of your water, the federal government started buying land in what is now the Teague Watershed in 1974. This land is being returned to its natural state as permanent open space. Most of the residents have left the area, except for those who have lifetime leases. Activities that could impact the quality of our water are strictly prohibited within the Charles M. Teague Open Space Memorial Park. Because the Teague Watershed is so important to the quality of our water, a comprehensive inspection is done there every five years to identify and address any potential problems.