PIPELINE CONSTRUCTION.  Construction will begin in August for two pipeline projects in Ojai – N. Ventura Street between Ojai Avenue and Summer Street, and Sunset Place between Mountain View Avenue and Grandview Avenue. Pipelines, fire hydrants, valves, and service lines will be replaced. We will keep affected residents notified in advance of any system shutdowns. We appreciate your patience as we upgrade the water system in this area. Please contact us at 805.649.2251 if you have any questions.

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    Fisheries Program

Our Fisheries Program is an extensive monitoring, evaluation, and research effort that is intended to provide an understanding of the life history, population status, and environmental conditions for the resident rainbow trout and endangered steelhead in the Ventura River basin.

About the Robles Fish Passage Facility
Why do we have to protect the Steelhead?
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