PIPELINE CONSTRUCTION.  Construction will begin in August for two pipeline projects in Ojai – N. Ventura Street between Ojai Avenue and Summer Street, and Sunset Place between Mountain View Avenue and Grandview Avenue. Pipelines, fire hydrants, valves, and service lines will be replaced. We will keep affected residents notified in advance of any system shutdowns. We appreciate your patience as we upgrade the water system in this area. Please contact us at 805.649.2251 if you have any questions.

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    Water Quality & Utility

Casitas Municipal Water District is committed to bringing you safe and good-tasting water. To accomplish this, Casitas has an extensive monitoring program that includes compliance monitoring, supplemental monitoring and lake management. The compliance monitoring program meets the requirements set by state and federal regulators. The supplemental monitoring program goes beyond what is required, and is designed to provide additional information about conditions found in the distribution system. The District's lake management efforts includes a sampling program for detecting potential problems in the watershed or lake before a problem is caused at the treatment plant or in the distribution system.



Learn how Casitas Municipal Water District treat and distribute water to its customers and how we monitor water quality to ensure we only deliver safe and tasty water. 

How we treat our water
How we distribute our water
How we monitor our water quality
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