Conservation Programs

Casitas MWD offers many water Conservation programs to assist both residential and commercial customers.

Casitas offers free water surveys to all residential customers that live within the district. This service is open to residents living within Casitas MWD's district and not just to Casitas' direct customers. The district includes the upper Ojai, Rincon, and East Ventura, please call if you need to verify if you live in the district. Casitas also provides rebates for high efficiency washing machines, high efficiency toilets, and other devices. Please contact Ron Merckling, Water Conservation Manager at (805) 649-2251 Extension 118 for further information.

Water conservation Services for agricultural customer

Casitas plans to offer in the summer of 2012 distribution uniformity evaluations to agricultural customers. Those customers with the highest water usage per acre will be given first priority. Please contact Ron Merckling, Water Conservation Manager for more information at (805) 649-2251 Extension 118.

Water conservation for teachers and students

Casitas provides state approved curriculum that teaches students about water conservation. Free educational materials are available to teachers and students. Please contact Ron Merckling Water Conservation Manager at (805) 649-2251 Extension 118 for additional details.

Creating Your Own Water-wise Landscape

Here are some basic water-wise landscaping suggestions that will help you arrive at beautiful landscape solutions that work in the Southern California's climate.

1. Limit non-functional turf.

2. Ask your local nursery for suggestions on native plant species that will meet your landscape needs the most effectively.

3. Install proper irrigation systems throughout your yard, conventional sprinklers are best for turf, while low-volume irrigation, such as drip, is best for trees, shrubs and perennials.

4. Group plants with similar water needs. Maximize the use of

low-water-use plants especially in sunny, dry and windy areas. Plants that need more water should be used sparingly and planted close to the house in either shady areas or placed in containers.

5. Improve the texture of the soil, if needed, by adding amendments. Amendments can either increase water retention or improve drainage, depending on the soil composition.

6. Use a thick layer of mulch around your plants to help the soil retain moisture. Mulch also inhibits weeds.

7. Plant trees to lower air and soil temperatures. This reduces plant and soil moisture loss.

8. Use low, spreading shrubs and trees to cover large slopes rather than shallow-rooted groundcovers. Minimize water runoff with drip irrigation