Water Quality

Casitas Municipal Water District is committed to bringing you safe, good-tasting water. To accomplish this, Casitas has an extensive monitoring program that includes compliance monitoring, supplemental monitoring and lake management. The compliance monitoring program meets the requirements set by state and federal regulators. The supplemental monitoring program goes beyond what is required, and is designed to give more information about conditions found in the distribution system. Lake management includes a sampling program for detecting potential problems in the watershed or lake before a problem is caused at the treatment plant or in the distribution system.

We invite you to peruse this website as it will surely validate the level of confidence you have in your Casitas Board and in the CMWD staff who work together to bring you the highest quality water possible.

The Casitas Municipal Water District Consumer Confidence Report can be viewed at www.casitaswaterccr.org

If you live in the Ojai City limits, or were served by Golden State Water Co. prior to June 8, 2017, your are receiving water from additional groundwater sources. To view the Consumer Confidence Report for those sources can be viewed by visit www.ojaiwaterccr.org

To turn on/off your water service, change your account, or report a leak:

  • Please call 805-649-2251 ext. 100

 How to order new service?

  • New service, please call: Jordan at 805-649-2251 x139

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 How to make a payment?

Come in to our offfice, send check or money order payable to:

Casitas Municipal Water District

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