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Algaecide Treatment

Casitas Municipal Water District intends to apply algae control products (algaecides) to Lake Casitas during the spring, summer, and fall of 2024. The purpose for using these products is to reduce algae growth in the lake. Excessive algae growth can lead to treatment plant operational issues, tastes and odors in the finished water, and contribute to formation of disinfection by-products. District staff regularly monitor the type and abundance of algae when considering treatment options.

The most recent application occurred on Thursday July 14th, 2022.  Symmetry NXG, a copper based liquid algaecide designed for use in potable water reservoirs, was applied around the shoreline approximately 100 ft offshore and in the closed area of the lake by a contractor holding a CA Department of Pesticide Regulation Qualified Applicator License. The application rate was below the Drinking Water Regulatory Action Level for copper and will further mix with the entire reservoir volume. No water use restrictions or precautions were issued during or after treatment.

If you have any questions please call Jordan Switzer at (805) 649-2251  Ext: 120

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