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Water Conservation Links

2004 Water Supply and Demand Study1989 Water Supply and Demand StudyAgricultural Irrigation Improvement Recommendations for Western Ventura County Farmers

Waterwise Information for Residents

  • Be Water Wise - Metropolitan Water District's Water Conservation Page (for LA area residents)
  • Water Saver Home Tour - California Urban Water Conservation Council Water Saver Home. Take a tour of water saving opportunities in your home.
  • Saving Water in your Swimming Pool - Money saving tips from Marin Water District.
  • Software for Environmental Awareness - Save an amazing amount of water money while protecting the environment. (Self-extracting zipfile 0.9 Mb)
  • USGS Drip Calculator - Measure and estimate water wasted due to leaks.

Waterwise Information for Businesses

Waterwise Information for Landscape Maintenance

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