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Commercial Filming & Photography

May contain: water, waterfront, port, pier, harbor, boat, sailboat, transportation, vehicle, nature, outdoors, sky, marina, yacht, and watercraft

The Lake Casitas Recreation Area is a popular locale for commercials, TV productions, movies, still photo shoots, etc. The location of the lake with a close proximity to Los Angeles and production personnel allows for convenient yet rustic and remote settings of scenery to enhance your production. You may choose to shoot close to the water, taking in the backdrop of rolling hills and distant mountains or on a carpet of green grass surrounded by shady trees. Sunrise shots add a unique perspective and at the close of day the sunsets are often quite spectacular.

It is helpful if you first fill out the application to allow us to help you determine if your project is a good fit for Lake Casitas, complete the Commercial Filming Application and call or email Parks Services Officer Faddis at (805) 649-2233 - Ext. 117 /

The Lake Casitas Recreation Area situated on Federal Land, so once you discuss your project with Casitas staff, you will need approval from the Bureau of Reclamation.

Complete the Bureau of Reclamation Use Authorization Application to start the administrative process.

Commercial Filming ApplicationBureau of Reclamation Use Authorization Application


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