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Marina Cafe & Park Store

Marina Cafe (Hours: 6:30am-2:00pm)

(805) 649-2514. We Accept MasterCard and Visa

The café serves breakfast and lunch, opening at the "crack of dawn", when the park opens for day use, to serve the earlybird anglers.  Its covered patio dining area, air-conditioned for comfort during the hot summer months and heated by a cheerful fireplace in the winter, offers a spectacular view of the lake. In the warmer weather, outside dining is available surrounded by rose bushes for your enjoyment.  Wild ducks and other birds add to the outdoor experience. Parking is ample and convenient.

Visit Marina Cafe without the need to pay an entrance fee to the recreation area:

The "Café Pass" was created to encourage customers to come in and enjoy a meal at the beautiful Casitas Marina Café. Upon entering the Recreation Area in your vehicle, tell the gate staff you are only here to eat at the Café. You will be given a special yellow pass with a 1-1/2 hour time limit, and restricted parking at Santa Ana Ramp. Keep the pass displayed in your windshield, and bring the detachable stub into the Marina for a free drawing.  Note:  The pass does not allow for travel throughout the Recreation Area, only from the entrance to the Café and back to exit the Recreation Area. 

Park Store - Open Daily!
Located across from Campground F (Fox)

As you enter the park, make a right.  We are 1/2 mile from the main entrance on the right.

Address is:  11311 Santa Ana Rd. #D, Ventura, CA  90031.

(805) 649-1202

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