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Tips to Ensure a Safe Visit

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Lake Casitas Recreation Area is surrounded by wilderness areas.  Here are some tips to ensure a wonderful and safe visit: 

Be aware of where you place your tent and equipment

Due to the historic drought, trees and its limbs may fall at any time.  All trees in the photo are currently stressed, but may look healthy. They may NOT show obvious signs of stress like the tree centered in the photo. Appropriately select your tent and equipment location away from tree or limbs.

Bring insect repellent and store your food securely

A variety of animals make the Recreation Area and the surrounding wilderness their home. There are deer, coyotes, mountain lions, skunks, bobcats, raccoons, opossums, many species of birds (bald eagles nest in the trees!), and ground squirrels to name a few. Bears have even been seen in the Recreation Area on a few occasions.  There is also an abundance of insects and arachnids, including ticks, so insect repellent is a must!   

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